Monday, April 20, 2009

Hi everyone. I am now 11 months old and I weigh 93 pounds. I am finally starting to realize that mom runs the show. I just can't do whatever I want. Oh well, I guess that is part of growing up. Here are a few pictures my mom took. There are also a couple of me with my new baby brother Ben. He is a newfoundland. He is my best bud.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mom has been very neglectful about updating my blog. I am now 9 months old and am 89 pounds big. Mom just weighed me today again. I have to go to the vet to get weighed now, mom says I am too big to pick up. I started agility and I LOVE IT!! We go once a week and mom set some weave poles up to practice at home. I went through a phase where I didn't want to listen to mom, but I am over that . I mean mom wouldn't let me go out without a leash, and she even made me stay on a leash in the house attached to her. She said it was called Mom being alpha. I had to listen to her. Well I didn't like that so I am back to being good. Boy does it feel good to go out into the back yard and just run again. Well that is all for now. I will keep bugging mom to update my blog regularly. Bye.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share some news and some pictures with you. I passes my Canine Good Citizen test, and I am only 6 months old. My mom is so proud of me. My mom had these pictures taken of me. Don't look at my ears. I started teething and they came down. Mom says they will go back up again. Look, my mom's hand is almost as big as my paw.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Me and My Best Buddy

Jake is my best buddy. I love him so much. Isn't he just the best?

Cool picture of me

Here is a cool picture of me my dad took of me swimming. I just love swimming.

Yukon's First Entry

Hi, My name is Yukon and I am an ISSR Shilo Shepherd. I originally came from New Zion's Shiloh Shepherds out of New York. Thank you so much Tina for sending me to such a great home. I am now 5 months old and I weigh 50.6 pounds. My mom says I am a hunk. I thought I would share some pictures of myself growing up. I hope you enjoy them.